Any Fish and Buns will work for the recipe, but I decided to go a bit gourmet, and it was worth it for the delicious taste.  I got the Buns and pre-crumbed Sealord Hoki from Woolworths, they were perfect in these burgers.

-Cook the fish in the oven, or fry,  it takes a while to cook, just follow what it says on the packet.  

-Lightly toast the insides of the Brioche Buns at about the 6 minute mark of fish cooking.

-While these are cooking prepare your salad, mixing it with plenty of the Kaffir Lime & Ginger Dressing, slice up some chillies and throw on the Chilli Mango Sauce if you like it hot.

-Slice your tomatoes and cheese if you are using it. Add the cheese onto the Buns just before they finish toasting, so it goes nice and gooey.

-Now Assemble your burger, putting your Tar 10 Kumara, Coriander & Cashew Chutney on along with the aioli lastley add the kaffir lime and coconut crusted fish and enjoy.