Tempus Two Twin Wine Box

Looking for an affordable wine gift box?

You can’t go past this popular twin box of Tempus Two wines. The Merlot is deliciously ripe, lovely flavours of mulberry fruit with some earthiness and spice. Soft tannins complement the finish.

The Verdelho is a full-bodied and tangy wine. It has intense flavours, similar to the aromatics of the wine – ripe, tropical fruits of pineapple, passionfruit and guava.

The perfect duo for all occasions and ready to be enjoyed now.

  • Tempus Two Merlot
  • Tempus Two Verdelho

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Tempus Two Merlot 2020

Tempus Two Merlot
A full-bodied, voluptuous wine with fine tannins and ripe, berry fruit flavours balanced by earthiness and spice. Subtle oak characters give complexity and enhance the rich, yet smooth and typically merlot palate. This wine can be enjoyed now and will cellar over the next 3-5 years.

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Tempus Two Verdelho 2020

Tempus Two Verdelho 2020 wine is full-bodied and intense, with tangy top notes and an incredible aromatic profile. Savour an ingenious combination of rich tropical fruits, with sharp notes of pineapple, sweet passionfruit, and guava resulting in a real palate pleaser.

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