Sweet Wine & Chocolate Pairing

We all have that sweet loving friend or family member, this gift is perfect for them featuring the multi-award-winning De Bortoli Noble One. This Botrytis Semillon remains the benchmark of Australian Botrytis dessert winemaking.  Add on McGuigans late harvest Gewurtztraminer with intense rose petal and citrus flavours and then match these wines with stoneground traditionally made chocolates designed specifically by Cuvee to match sweet wines and you have sweet tooth heaven.

  • Cuvee Bianco
  • Cuvee Blanc De Caramel
  • De Bortoli Noble One
  • McGuigan Traminer
  • Cuvee Soleo


Cuvee Bianco 35% White Chocolate 70g

A white chocolate intended to please even the fiercest dark chocolate connoisseur.

Single origin Ecuadorian cocoa butter married to pure Australian milk and a vanilla bean extraordinaire…

It’s the Tongan vanilla that lends it an ever so slight nuttiness and combined with the nuances of cocoa butter it just sings sparkling wine!

Add a 120 hour conching process and et voila - a white chocolate experience like no other!

Pairs well with Semillon, Sparkling, Moscato, Rose, Botrytis

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Cuvee Blanc de Caramel 42% Caramelised Chocolate (with Sea Salt)

The tale of chocolate decadence meeting pure Australian milk - caramelised painstakingly by hand, creating a caramel ever so delicate and subtle.

Paired with a hint of sea salt and you have the recipe to what we could only describe as effortless.

Somewhat reminiscing of a beurre noisette - Blanc de Caramel is a chocolate that is truly different and simply refuses to be put in a genre.

Pairs well with Champagne, Prosecco, Sherry, Pinot Noir

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De Bortoli Noble One 2017

Darren De Bortoli created Noble One in 1982, to this day it is still one of the most awarded wines in history. More than three decades after this pioneering Botrytis Semillon took the world by storm, internationally acclaimed Noble One remains the benchmark of Australian ‘Botrytis’ dessert winemaking.
A wine that can be enjoyed just on its own or with a fabulous cheese and fruit platter. But also try with freshly shucked oysters or Foie Gras.


Alcohol: 12.5%

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McGuigan Personal Reserve Late Picked Traminer 2019

McGuigan Personal Reserve Late Picked Traminer 2019

Aroma: A perfumed rose petal floral, Turkish Delight

Palate: Medium bodied fruit driven wine showing intense rose petal citrus flavours. The wine has a rich structure from residual fructose, glucose and is complemented by a crisp acid finish.


Medium bodied fruit driven wine showing intense rose petal citrus flavours. The wine has a rich structure from residual sugar and is complemented by a crisp acid finish

The fruit for this wine was sourced from the Shuberts Road Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills planted by Brian McGuigan in 1997. The grapes for this wine were left on the vines for an extended period which allows for the increased accumulation of sugars for which dessert wines are renowned.

Famously known for its elegant blue bottle, the Late Picked Traminer now has a league of loyal followers. This late harvest Gewürztraminer was produced using Adelaide Hills fruit and has developed an extraordinary depth of flavour. The grapes for this wine were crushed and de-juiced prior to transportation to our Hunter Valley Winery. This juice was then inoculated with an aromatic yeast strain in a stainless-steel tank and allowed to ferment at 14 degrees Celsius, with the low temperature helping to retain freshness. Shortly after fermentation the wine was lightly fined and filtered in preparation for bottling.

Drink now or enjoy over 10  years.

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Cuvee Soleo 42% Milk Chocolate 70g

Soleo is as much of a story as it is a chocolate.

It begins with carefully selected cocoa from the Solomon Islands, roasted and conched meticulously under the watchful eyes of our chocolate makers.

It’s the 168hrs of conching that takes this chocolate to an unparalleled level of smoothness.

Hints of brioche, cinnamon and lightly toasted oak making it appear somewhat Christmassy…

Pairs well with: Semillon, Chardonnay, Moscato, Rose, Botrytis, Port, Tawny

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In 2014, Maître Patissier, Chocolatier and Wine Connoisseur Deniz Karaca and his wife Kylie founded Cuvee Chocolate from their kitchen base, right at the fringe of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Stoneground, small batch, traditionally made chocolate that can be paired with the finest drops of the world’s most esteemed vineyards and distilleries

De Bortoli

The De Bortoli heritage encompasses the universal story of immigrants making good in an adopted land, the rise and rise of the Australian wine industry and the tale of a hardworking and innovative family who considers good wine, good food and good friends to be among the true pleasures in life.

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