Spiced Rum Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Create a gorgeously aromatic Old Fashioned with Brix Spiced Craft Rum, Vanilla and Cinnamon Syrups, just add some Angostura bitters and a slice of orange

then sit back and enjoy a gourmet Old Fashioned.  The Cinnamon and Vanilla syrups are great on ice-cream or as a substitute for sugar syrup to spice up any cocktail recipe.

  • Brix Spiced Rum 200ml or Full-sized Bottle
  • Brix Cinnamon Syrup
  • Brix Vanilla Syrup


Brix Spiced Rum

Infused with Native Australian Lemongrass & Bush Currants, roasted Aussie Macadamias, locally grown mangoes & grapefruit, cinnamon & vanilla.

This delicious Spiced Rum balances bright citrus upfront, sweetness and full body with a lingering depth of spice on the palate.

Throw it in a Dark & Stormy with ginger beer and fresh lime, sip by the fireplace or savour it in your espresso martini.

40% Alcohol

Mini Blood Orange

Dehydrated Citrus Wheels/Slices
Each pack contains 35g (approx 15 pieces) of assorted citrus.

Made from 100% Australian citrus..

Our dried citrus range is all natural- preservative and additive free.

What are the best ways to use dehydrated fruit?
Dehydrated fruit is ideal for:

  • an edible garnish for gin and other cocktails
  • mulled wine
  • sangria
  • fruit & herbal tea
  • cooking & baking

Brix Cinnamon Syrup

Made from cinnamon used to infuse the Brix Spiced Rum. Perfect for cocktails, coffee, hot chocolate & desserts. Try it as the sweetener for a spicy old fashioned cocktail, or add it into custard or whipped cream or just drizzle over your Christmas Pudding and Icecream, one of the Hunter Valley teams favourite syrups, but be warned it is addictive 200ml bottle.

*May contain traces of spiced rum (but that ain't so bad is it?)

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Brix Vanilla Bean Syrup - 200ml

Made from the vanilla beans used to infuse our Brix Spiced. Perfect for cocktails, coffee, cakes or desserts.

*May contain traces of spiced rum (but that ain't so bad is it?)

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Brix Distillers

Brix was born out of a love for rum.
Over time this love turned into passion for discovery, experimentation, appreciation & adventure.
We discovered that rum in Australia was not being reflected in the right light.
So we have set out for change.

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Brix Spiced Rum


200 ml, 700 ml