Sangria & Mulled Wine Winter Warmer Kit

Everything you need to make a killer Mulled Wine or Sangria, just add all the ingredients to a pot or slow cooker and warm them up,

You can add fresh orange slices and honey/maple syrup/sugar to taste.

For Sangria add fruit juice and then chill, adding some lemonade at the last minute to serve.

Feel free to add more spirits such as brandy, or Passionfruit Liqueur.

The perfect winter warming or summer cooling gift.

  • Tempus Shiraz
  • Butterscotch Liqueur
  • Mulled wine pack

Take your gift to the next level by adding some extra craft spirits such as Spiced Rum and Rose Vermouth which both go very well in Mulled Wine

Spiked Hot Chocolate also becomes an option if you throw in the artisan Cuvee Hot Chocolate and sea salt.

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CHOOSE your Butterscotch Schnapps size

Shots of Butterscotch Schnapps from a hip flask while at the ski fields, or standing around a bonfire, added into sangria, mulled wine or hot chocolate. This Butterscotch Schnapps oozes warmth in winter no matter how you enjoy it - a classic toasted butterscotch liqueur. Big mouth feel, thick and luxurious. Perfect straight up on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

Tempus Two Shiraz 2018

The Tempus Two Shiraz is modern and contemporary in style, with varieties sourced from vineyards throughout South Australia and classified as a dry red.

The fruit parcels have then been harvested, fermented, blended and matured in French staves and vanillin oak.

Aromas of rich and ripe berry with some subtle savoury oak, leading to a lingering and rewarding finish.  13% alc.

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Mulled Wine Pack

Dehydrated Citrus Wheels/Slices and Mulled Wine Spices

There is nothing like a glass of warm, spicy, mulled wine on a cold Winter night.

Our mulled wine bundle includes all the spices you need to make this deliciously warming winter drink, simply add a bottle of red wine, a dash of honey, and you're good to go!

Each pack includes:

  • To simmer: 4x dehydrated orange, 4x dehydrated blood orange, 2x Cassia Sticks, 2x Star Anise, 5x Cloves
  • To garnish: 4x dehydrated blood orange, 4x Cassia Sticks, 4x Star Anise
  • recipe card

What are the best ways to use dehydrated fruit?
Dehydrated fruit is ideal for:

  • an edible garnish for gin and other cocktails
  • mulled wine
  • sangria
  • fruit & herbal tea
  • cooking & baking

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OPTIONAL Hot Chocolate for Spiked Hot Chocs Winter Warmers

ADD Hot Chocolate by Cuvee so they can make Butterscotch Schnapps spiked Hot Chocolate, with a slice of the dehydrated Orange. The Perfect Winter Warmer

OPTIONAL Vermouth to spike up those drinks

The sherry flavours of this Rose vermouth complement Hot Chocolate perfectly and also go well in a traditional sangria or mulled wine, adding a nice complexity.
This is fresher and zestier than your average rosso, so it's probably going to find it's happy home as an aperitif (with a side of manzanilla olives).
However its firm body and unfiltered nature will see it sliding into a dirty Negroni or Manhattan.
Any cocktail lover will adore this vermouth with a very unique expression and style, you won't find anything like this out there.


Infused with Native Australian Lemongrass & Bush Currants, roasted Aussie Macadamias, locally grown mangoes & grapefruit, cinnamon & vanilla.

This delicious Spiced Rum balances bright citrus upfront, sweetness and full body with a lingering depth of spice on the palate.

Throw it in a Dark & Stormy with ginger beer and fresh lime, sip by the fireplace or savour it in your espresso martini.

40% Alcohol

OPTIONAL Vanilla Bean Syrup

Use the Vanilla (or Cinnamon) Syrups for sweetening your spiked drink and adding some extra flavour with these Brix created syrups (note they may contain traces of leftover Rum;)

OPTIONAL Cinnamon Syrup

Made from cinnamon used to infuse the Brix Spiced Rum. Perfect for cocktails, coffee, hot chocolate & desserts. Try it as the sweetener for a spicy old fashioned cocktail, or add it into custard or whipped cream or just drizzle over your Christmas Pudding and Icecream, one of the Hunter Valley teams favourite syrups, but be warned it is addictive 200ml bottle.

*May contain traces of spiced rum (but that ain't so bad is it?)

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Hunter Distillery

Hunter Distillery

Hunter Distillery is the only certified organic distillery in the Hunter Valley wine region of New South Wales. Locally owned and operated, and produce an exceptional range of top-shelf spirits, including Gin, Vodkas, Liqueurs, Schnapps, and award-winning COPPERWAVE DISTILLED GIN.

Hunter Distillery

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