Raspberry Vinegar Cordial

The Raspberry Vinegar is an old Victorian Cordial.  It used to be served in the pubs throughout Victoria as a nonalcoholic ‘Pub Raspberry’.  On Sunday School and family picnics in days of old, the drink traditionally served, was a homemade raspberry vinegar.  The ‘vinegar’ description comes about because of one of the ingredients, acetic acid.  Use Raspberry Vinegar as a cordial, with water or lemonade, soda or mineral water, in mixed drinks such as Tequila Sunrise or to put over Banana Sundaes.  Add to milkshakes & over ice-cream.


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MA Beatties

Ma Beatties

Ma Beattie’s of Morpeth handmade cordials are very concentrated and is suitable for soda streams. Discover Cordials Brewed the Old Fashioned Way with different flavours to choose from.

Ma Beatties