Premium Chocolate Lovers Feast

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Adora Handmade Chocolates

Product Description

Winning numerous Gold and Silver awards and contracts, including supplying the Sydney Opera House, Adora Chocolates produce some of Australia’s best sweet treats, this selection is sure to delight any chocolate connoisseur.

-Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bars
Chocolate bars with dried fruits and nuts. Available in milk, dark or white chocolate.  

-English Toffee
Award-winning buttery almond toffee covered with milk chocolate.

-Salted Caramel Nibbles
Milk or dark chocolate nibbles with natural caramel flavour and sea salt.

-Chocolate Australian Mangos
Dried Mango Pieces, made from fresh Australian Mangos’, half dipped in dark chocolate.    

-Chocolate Orange Slices
Glazed orange slices half dipped in dark chocolate.

-Rocky Road Bonbon
Did you know Rocky Road is an Australian invention, dating back from the heady days of the Gold Rush?

We did, perhaps because at SWEETNESS we take our Rocky Road pretty seriously. We start with our world-famous SWEET Mallows, add our Pate de Fruit for that fruity burst before mixing in melted chocolate with crunchy slivers of Australian nuts. We think the end result is seriously good.

Available in Milk Chocolate. Gluten and egg-free.  It contains nuts and dairy.

-Coconut Roughs
Sulfur-free coconut chips with milk chocolate.

-Raspberry Nibbles
A delicious combination of pure chocolate mixed with crushed freeze-dried raspberry. Mix of milk, dark and white chocolate nibbles in a 100g bag.