Oak Road Mini Dukkah Dipping Box

Take snacks to a new level with Oak Roads famous macadamia Dukkah and a couple of unique bushfood vinegars, just add your favourite olive oil and some fresh bread and enjoy…

  • Oak Road Macadamia Dukkah with a hint of chilli 110gm
  • Oak Road Blueberry Rosella Finishing Vinegar 100ml
  • Oak Road Davidsons Plum Finishing Vinegar 100ml


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Macadamia Dukkah with a Hint of Chilli

This super tasty Dukkah uses fresh Australian Macadamia Nuts and a special spice blend with just a hint of Chilli.

Makes an amazing crust on salmon, steaks or even in a burger pattie.

We like to use it with the Davidson's Plum Vinegar and Lemon Lime and Blood Orange Macadamia Oil, a sublime dukkah and dip.

Gold Medal winner at the Hobart Fine Foods Show

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Blueberry & Rosella Fruity Finishing Vinegar

Gold Medal at the Hobart Fine Food awards, this Fruity caramelised Finishing vinegar made with blueberries and a delicate hint of rosella makes a fantastic glaze for meats or game, beautiful for dukkah dips with macadamia oil, or alongside a cheeseboard.  For a sweet treat try drizzling the blueberry vinegar on your icecream or adding it to a fruit salad for a nice fruity hit100 ml

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Davidson's Plum Fruity Finishing Vinegar

This Fruity Finishing vinegar reduction is a Hunter Valley Hamper favourite.  A nice thick saucy consistency with the rich and fruity flavour of the native Australian Davidson's plum, balanced with it's characteristic tartness.

The Davidson's plum vinegar from Oak Road will be a delight to any foodie with a discerning palate.  (There is a good reason for it to have won a Gold Medal at the Hobart Fine Foods awards!)

Great with lamb, salad or fruit we also love it drizzled over ice-cream - and we love it paired with the Oak Road Macadamia Dukkah...

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