Mulled Wine Pack

Dehydrated Citrus Wheels/Slices and Mulled Wine Spices

There is nothing like a glass of warm, spicy, mulled wine on a cold Winter night.

Our mulled wine bundle includes all the spices you need to make this deliciously warming winter drink, simply add a bottle of red wine, a dash of honey, and you’re good to go!

Each pack includes:

  • To simmer: 4x dehydrated orange, 4x dehydrated blood orange, 2x Cassia Sticks, 2x Star Anise, 5x Cloves
  • To garnish: 4x dehydrated blood orange, 4x Cassia Sticks, 4x Star Anise
  • recipe card

What are the best ways to use dehydrated fruit?
Dehydrated fruit is ideal for:

  • an edible garnish for gin and other cocktails
  • mulled wine
  • sangria
  • fruit & herbal tea
  • cooking & baking


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A Life of Plenty

At a life of plenty we aim to turn surplus, sustainable materials into beautiful (and tasty) products. Our products are lovingly handmade and crafted in Adelaide, South Australia, from locally sourced raw materials. A life of plenty dehydrated fruit is 100% Australian grown and all natural- preservative, sugar and additive free. Perfect as an edible garnish for gin, mulled wine, sangria, & other cocktails, in fruit & herbal tea, and for cooking & baking. The range will be expanding over the next few months, so check back in, or register your email with us and we can let you know about any new products and specials we think you’d like.
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