Mini Christmas Collection


  • [Option of ] 2 x Tempus Two mini Blanc de Blancs or 2 x Murray’s Craft Beers or 1 x Brix
  • Pudding Lane Classic Christmas Mini Pudding 120gm
  • Caramel Fudge Sauce 110ml
  • Cuvee Mini Chocolate Collection
  • Butter Shortbread Biscuits 75gm
  • Sourdough Taralli


Option 1: 2 x Tempus Two Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine

The Tempus Mini Sparkling Blanc de Blanc 200ml is an ingenious blend of peaches, passionfruit, and green apple making this wine the best fruity and zesty sparkling wine that you could ever have in a personal petite size. Bring the sweet summertime of your dreams into life. Serve as an aperitif or alongside pasta, prawns, bbq, fruit or cheese plates for a tasty meal.

Option 2: 2 x Murray's Craft Beers


Australian base malt, English and German specialty malts balance the burst of citrus/pine hop aroma and flavour strongly influenced by generous use of US Centennial and US Citra late in the Whirlpool and in dry hop.

A brilliant light-golden colour, Murray’s Angry Man Pale Ale has a full-bodied finish and complex character.



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Traditional Christmas Pudding -Mini

Pudding Lane Traditional Christmas Pudding 120gm Handmade

We take the time to select the finest quality ingredients; 100% Australian Vine Fruits, fresh butter, fresh local Free Range eggs, fresh bread, (that we crumb) matured Brandy from the famous Barossa Valley, combine them by hand and individually weigh out each and every pudding.

Our classic Christmas Pudding does Not contain (& Never has) any artificial; Colours, Flavours or Preservatives. Just a real pudding with the purest Australian ingredients.

We use 100% Australian Vine Fruits in 100% of All our Puddings.

We don't expect you to pay more to enjoy Australia's Best.

All our Puddings are individually formed and shaped into lined natural boiling cloths and "boiled-in-the-Cloth" for many hours before being individually hung to dry, age and mature.

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Caramel Fudge Sauce

Arich and velvety caramel sauce which will make any dessert decadent. Drizzle warm overOgilvie & Co’s individual Chocolate Cranberry puddings and serve with CremeAnglaise or Double Thickened Cream. Top custard-filled profiteroles and garnishwith fresh berries. Or simply pour over French Vanilla ice cream.


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Cuvée Mini Collection 21g

Composed of a selection of Cuvée’s most popular varieties; the Grand Cru, Amphora and Soleo. Perfect for your next event, as a small token of appreciation or simply as a gift to yourself or a loved one.

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Butter Shortbread 75g

This beautifully boxed Butter Shortbread makes the perfect gift all year round.

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Sourdough Taralli

Crunchy Sourdough Taralli are a hand made product using sustainable wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, sea salt and fennel seed for flavouring. Fennel seed is known to have a palate cleansing property which enhances the flavour of any food and drink consumed with it.  Bacco’s Taralli have no preservatives. The particular hand made preparation and ingredient choice makes them a unique product on the Australian market.
Try them with a coffee, Taralli are also perfect for the dinner table, cocktail party or eat straight from the pack. Partner with an antipasto plate, wrap with proscuitto, or use with dips & pate, they provide a subtle, unique flavour with no preservatives or added oil. Made with the authentic and traditional Morpeth Sourdough recipe, they contain simply flour, water and salt and are Low GI.

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