Mini Cheer

After a little gift to share some cheer?

This cute box includes cheese nibbles and your choice of 2 bottles of Tempus Two sparkling wine piccolos, 2 cans s of Murray’s craft beer or 1 can of Brix Distillery Rum.

  • [Option of ] 2 x Tempus Two mini Blanc de Blancs or 2 x Murray’s Angry Man Pale Craft Beers or one of each, the perfect compromise.
  • Smokey Cheese Nibbles 50gm


Cheese Nibbles

Ogilvie & Co's nibbles work magic anywhere.

Add these moorish nibbles to your cheese or antipasto platter.


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OPTION1: Tempus Two mini Blanc de Blancs

The Tempus Mini Sparkling Blanc de Blanc 200ml is an ingenious blend of peaches, passionfruit, and green apple making this wine the best fruity and zesty sparkling wine that you could ever have in a personal petite size. Bring the sweet summertime of your dreams into life. Serve as an aperitif or alongside pasta, prawns, bbq, fruit or cheese plates for a tasty meal.

OPTION2: Murray's Angry Man Pale Craft Beers


Australian base malt, English and German specialty malts balance the burst of citrus/pine hop aroma and flavour strongly influenced by generous use of US Centennial and US Citra late in the Whirlpool and in dry hop.

A brilliant light-golden colour, Murray’s Angry Man Pale Ale has a full-bodied finish and complex character.