Mango & Brandy Log

A traditional boiled-in-the-cloth mango and brandy, moist tasting Christmas Pudding, full of natural ingredients, a great tasting pudding featuring classic Aussie Mangoes.

500g serves 5-6 people

Each and every Pudding Lane pudding made is individually mixed, weighed out and shaped, tied up in natural Calico with string, boiled in the cloth, in the traditional method for many hours in old style gas fired “coppers” then hung individually on a line to naturally dry, age & mature to perfection.


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Pudding Lane

Pudding Lane
PUDDING LANE®, began as a home-based family business and over the years has proudly and with constant dedication and devotion to quality become Australia’s finest producer of the traditional “boiled-in-the-cloth” Christmas Pudding! Australia’s only International Award Winning, boiled in the cloth, Christmas Puddings. Voted Australia’s Favourite Pudding by Choice Magazine.

Pudding Lane

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Weight 500 g