Bitters Lemon Lime Cordial

Made & produced in Morpeth, Hunter Valley NSW.

If you are a fan of bitters on a hot day, you’ll love this!  Mix with soda water, or lemonade to make a little sweeter, for a refreshing non alcoholic drink.

Bitters Lemon Lime is fantastic with your alcoholic drinks – add a dash for Vodka Lemon Lime, or try this recipe: soak a sugar lump in 10ml of Bitters Lemon Lime in a chilled cocktail glass.  Add 30ml of Brandy, fill rest of glass with Champagne, then stir, for a delicious Champagne Cocktail.



MA Beatties

Ma Beatties Ma Beattie’s of Morpeth handmade cordials are very concentrated and is suitable for soda streams. Discover Cordials Brewed the Old Fashioned Way with different flavours to choose from.
Ma Beatties