Gourmet Gift Basket Hamper

The Gourmet Gift Basket offers a wide selection across our product range, so you get to taste and sample from eight local producers. To meet this popular price point we have included several items in smaller package sizes, so you get the full gourmet hamper experience whilst still keeping around the $100 mark.

IMPORTANT: Let us choose a bottle of wine or Add a comment when you order which wine you would like to have.

  • Audrey Wilkinson’s Shiraz or Semillon or Rose 750ml
  • Duck Creek’s Dark Chocolate Coated Macadamia Nuts
  • Traditional Tapenade
  • Dulce De Leche Belgian Chocolate Sauce
  • Peaberry’s Black Betty Coffee
  • Bacco’s Bakeries sea Salt Flatbread
  • Adora Dark, & 2 Milk Chocolate Bars

Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nuts

Sweet macadamias covered in smooth dark chocolate, these supremely delicious treats are the perfect party starter or sweet afternoon treat.

These Macadamia nuts are Gluten Free products!


In stock

Traditional Tapenade

Adinas own Olive Tapenade. Made fresh on the Adina farm!

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Black Betty Coffee

The deep chocolate notes of a quality Brazil combine with fruity, cherry-like Ethiopian and the creaminess of an estate Colombian coffee. It’s intense, rich and full of character.

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Bacco's Italian Flat Bread

Baccos Flatbread Crispbread with Sea Salt

Bite into the crumbly texture with dips, lay on your favourite cheese or advocado, sprinkle with a good extra virgin olive oil or accompany with you choice of wine. Hand-made locally in the Hunter Valley with organic flour.

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Audrey Wilkinson Shiraz 2018

Audrey Wilkinson Shiraz OR Audrey Wilkinson Sauvignon Semillon OR Audrey Wilkinson Rose... let us know in the comments if you have a preference

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Adora Milk Chocolate Bar

Finest Belgian Chocolate Bars by Award Winning Adora Chocolates


Adora Dark Chocolate Bar × 2

Finest Belgian Chocolate Bars by Award Winning Adora Chocolates


Dulce de Leche Dark Belgian Chocolate

Temporarily unavailable


A chocolate made using one of the rarest cocoa beans in the world.

“Rich, diverse, unique”, our chocolate makers first notes after tasting the Piura Blanco for the first time. A native white cocoa bean from the ancient rainforests of Peru.

Let us take you on a sensory journey… starting with macerated summer berries and transitioning into an almost rum raisin experience that is so closely followed by its subtle chocolatey notes.

You will not believe that what you are tasting is indeed “only” a 65% chocolate.

Pairs well with: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Grenache, Shiraz, Sangiovese

This product is currently unavailable.

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