Gluten Free Traditional Christmas Pudding Log

Gluten Free Traditional Christmas Puddings
Hand-Made with the finest Australian Vine fruits, locally baked fresh Gluten free breadcrumbs, fresh local Free range eggs, Rice Flour and unmalted Brandy
A Traditional tasting Pudding made in the traditional method, still supremely moist.
With No Artificial; Colours, Flavours or Preservatives and No artificial sweetener or Added Sugar. Wheat, Dairy and Lactose Free. All ingredients are GM Free. Suitable for Vegetarians
Scientifically tested and Gluten not present at the minimum quantification limit of 0.0005%, <5ppm.
PUDDING LANE is a Professional Industry Member of Coeliac Society of NSW, Australia.

We take the time to select the finest quality ingredients; 100% Australian Vine Fruits, fresh butter, fresh local Free Range eggs, fresh bread, (that we crumb) matured Brandy from the famous Barossa Valley, combine them by hand and individually weigh out each and every pudding.

Our classic Christmas Pudding does Not contain (& Never has) any artificial; Colours, Flavours or Preservatives. Just a real pudding with the purest Australian ingredients.

We use 100% Australian Vine Fruits in 100% of All our Puddings.

We don’t expect you to pay more to enjoy Australia’s Best.

All our Puddings are individually formed and shaped into lined natural boiling cloths and “boiled-in-the-Cloth” for many hours before being individually hung to dry, age and mature.


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Gluten Free Traditional Christmas Pudding Log by Pudding Lane



Pudding Lane

Pudding Lane
PUDDING LANE®, began as a home-based family business and over the years has proudly and with constant dedication and devotion to quality become Australia’s finest producer of the traditional “boiled-in-the-cloth” Christmas Pudding! Australia’s only International Award Winning, boiled in the cloth, Christmas Puddings. Voted Australia’s Favourite Pudding by Choice Magazine.

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