Finn’s Kitchen BBQ Pack

Finn’s Kitchen BBQ Pack Includes:

  • Finn’s Kitchen Chunky Barbeque Sauce 250ml
  • Finn’s Kitchen Burger Sauce
  • Finn’s Kitchen Chunky Sweet Chilli Sauce 250ml

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Experience the art of gourmet grilling with Finn’s Kitchen BBQ Pack – a trio of delectable sauces crafted to elevate your barbeque adventures. Originally priced at $36, this exceptional bundle is now available for only $29, allowing you to save money while infusing your dishes with rich, smoky, and punchy flavors. Explore the enticing details of each product included in this must-have pack:


1. Finn’s Kitchen Chunky Barbeque Sauce 250ml:

Immerse your palate in the rich and smoky flavor of Finn’s Kitchen Chunky Barbeque Sauce. This gourmet delight is the perfect companion to any savory dish. Whether you’re grilling burgers, enjoying a plate of chips, savoring gourmet pies, or indulging in steak sandwiches, this sauce adds a tantalizing lift to every meal. Elevate your barbecue experience with the bold and flavorsome essence of Finn’s Kitchen.

2. Finn’s Kitchen Burger Sauce:

Experience the tradition of a classic with Finn’s Kitchen Burger Sauce. This mayonnaise-style sauce is a harmonious blend of American mustard, pickles, and a hint of jalapenos. Offering more punch than your typical burger sauce, it is suitable for both beef and chicken burgers, and even enhances the flavors of a cheese dog. Elevate your burger game and use it as a delightful dipping sauce for chips or wedges – a versatile addition to your BBQ repertoire.

3. Finn’s Kitchen Chunky Sweet Chilli Sauce 250ml:

Transport your taste buds to Thailand with Finn’s Kitchen Chunky Sweet Chilli Sauce. This Thai-style delight is the perfect dipping sauce for spring rolls, nuggets, and other finger foods. Elevate your side dishes by serving it with sour cream on potato wedges. For a unique twist, mix it with butter for a grilled sweet chilli & cheese bread that adds a burst of flavor to your barbecue gatherings.


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