Favourite Sweets (6 pk.)

This Gift Pack Includes:

  • Raspberry & Watermelon Jam 290g
  • Apricot & Quince Jam with Cinnamon and Vanilla 290g
  • Strawberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla Bean Jam 290g
  • Lemon Butter 260g
  • Dulce de Leche Salted Caramel 275g
  • Four Berry Compote 250ml

Original price was: $72.00.Current price is: $67.00.


Elevate Your Taste Experience with Myanbah Farm’s Favourite Sweets Pack


Uncover a world of culinary delight with the Myanbah Farm Favourite Sweets Pack – a carefully curated selection of six irresistible products, now available for just $67 (originally $72). Let’s delve into the details of the six delectable products awaiting you:


Raspberry & Watermelon Jam 290g

Experience the perfect blend of light raspberries and refreshing watermelon.

  • Ideal on sourdough fruit toast or for a twist, try it in jam drop biscuits.
  • Elevate your breakfast with this delightful burst of freshness.

Apricot & Quince Jam with Cinnamon and Vanilla 290g

Delight in the smooth and balanced Apricot and Quince Jam, enhanced with Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean.

  • A perfect everyday jam on thick-cut sourdough or fruit toast.
  • Use it as a glaze on fruit tarts or indulge in dollops on melting moment biscuits.

Strawberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla Bean Jam 290g

Experience a unique twist with the combination of Strawberries, Rhubarb, and real Vanilla Bean.

  • Not your typical strawberry jam – a smooth, sweet, and delicious addition.
  • Make your next sponge cake truly special with this exquisite jam.

Lemon Butter 260g

Indulge in the ideal filling for tarts or icing for cakes with our Lemon Butter.

  • Spread it on toasted banana bread or warm scones for a nostalgic treat.
  • Sometimes, the best way to enjoy it is straight from the jar – an old-time favorite.

Dulce de Leche Salted Caramel 275g

Savor the thick and rich caramel paste, winner of the Gold Medal at Hobart Fine Food Awards.

  • Enjoy it straight from the jar or elevate your desserts and tarts.
  • For a unique twist, use it as a dip for churros and embark on a flavor adventure.

Four Berry Compote 250ml

Unlock limitless possibilities with this rich, full-flavored and slightly tart berry compote.

  • Best served chilled, it complements muesli and yogurt or adds flair to vanilla ice cream.
  • From smoothies to mud cake and pavlova, the culinary possibilities are endless.

Treat yourself or share the joy with loved ones. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this exceptional collection at the special price of $67. Elevate your moments and discover the limitless possibilities of flavor.


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