Espresso Martini Kit

For the ultimate gourmet Espresso Martini mix a shot or two of freshly made Black Betty Espresso with some Urszula Honey Vodka and the Brix Coffee Vanilla Syrup

Espresso Martinis never tasted so good…..

  • Urszula Honey Vodka 250ml OR 500ml Bottle
  • Brix Coffee & Vanilla Syrup
  • Black Betty Coffee


Hunter Distillery Urszula Honey Vodka

Solid honey aroma, with sugary light honey and spiced fruit notes. Rounded, mouth-filling honey taste, almost cloying, pronounced sweetness balanced against the spirit. Very long finish, pleasant fruity/spiced honey after-taste lingers.

Light honey yellow to burnished orange colour with a slightly viscous, natural honey haze throughout. Solid honey aroma, with sugary dark honey and spiced fruit notes. Great served on ice with a squeeze of lemon.

30% Alcohol by Volume

Brix Coffee & Vanilla Bean Syrup

Made from the vanilla beans used to infuse our Brix Spiced & then infused with perfectly roasted coffee beans. Perfect for cocktails (especially Espresso Martini's!), coffee, hot chocolates, cakes or desserts.

*May contain traces of spiced rum (but that ain't so bad is it?)

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Black Betty Coffee

The deep chocolate notes of a quality Brazil combine with fruity, cherry-like Ethiopian and the creaminess of an estate Colombian coffee. It’s intense, rich and full of character.

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Brix Distillers

Brix was born out of a love for rum.
Over time this love turned into passion for discovery, experimentation, appreciation & adventure.
We discovered that rum in Australia was not being reflected in the right light.
So we have set out for change.

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Hunter Distillery Urszula Honey Vodka


500ml, 250ml