De Bortoli Emeri Pink Moscato 750ml

The Emeri Pink Moscato from De Bortoli is a sweet, sparkling wine with a refreshing and fruity flavor. Made from 100% Moscato grapes, this wine has a delicate pink color and a lively, bubbly texture. The aroma is filled with notes of fresh strawberries and rose petals, making it a perfect choice for a romantic evening or a special celebration.
On the palate, the Emeri Pink Moscato is light and crisp, with flavors of ripe raspberries and juicy peaches. The sweetness is balanced by a subtle acidity, resulting in a wine that is both enjoyable and easy to drink. The finish is clean and refreshing, leaving you wanting more.




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De Bortoli

The De Bortoli heritage encompasses the universal story of immigrants making good in an adopted land, the rise and rise of the Australian wine industry and the tale of a hardworking and innovative family who considers good wine, good food and good friends to be among the true pleasures in life.