Davidsonia Gin Gift Pack

Davidsonia Gin –  Davidsons Plum infused Aussie Craft Gin, fantastic on ice or with tonic,

but it also goes great with these Yuzu sodas by Strangelove.

  • Davidsonia Gin
  • Strangelove Yuzu 4 pack


Davidsonia Gin 2021 500ml

Showcasing the flavours of the native Davidsons Plum, this is an exquisite small batch craft gin (Less than 600 bottles made this season), which the true connoisseur will love in their gift. We have managed to secure a few bottles, but be quick as they often sell out.

Davidsonia Gin is Animus Distillery's riff on a traditional English sloe gin, with a distinctly Australian intensity and character. We’ve used native Australian Davidsonia Pruriens, a tropical sour plum from the temperate regions of northern New South Wales and Queensland, steeped slowly in our Macedon Dry Gin over many months.
As a seasonal, produce-driven Gin, each vintage of Davidsonia has its own personality, and the 2021 is both the most stylish and delicate so far. This year's release is rife with bright and aromatic top notes of ripe plum, lemon and rosehip, while the palate is full of lip-smacking zing, morello cherry and hints of guava. You'll still find those gentle, puckering tannins and a lime-like acidity to balance the plummy sweetness.

Davidsonia is superb served chilled and neat, or with a dash of soda and a large wedge of blood orange, but it's born to be used in cocktails, and provides a uniquely Australian canvas to anybody who wants to explore their creativity.

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Yuzu 300ml × 4

Yuzu – a hybrid citrus grown in cool, mountainous regions of Japan – embodies all the best parts of lemon, grapefruit and mandarin. It’s complex, nuanced, tart, sweet and refreshing.

In fact, Yuzu was so perfectly balanced we did absolutely nothing to it. No extracts. No flavours. No oils. No magic tricks. Just the highest quality Yuzu juice straight from Japan.

Yuzu From Japan contains 3.5g sugar/100ml or 45 calories per 300ml bottle.

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