Chocolate In a Box Aussie Favourites – Mini Hamper

A mini chocolate hamper with a selection of iconic Aussie favourites including Darrell Lea’s Rocklea Road and Big Choc Orange Balls, Lindt’s irresistibly smooth Excellence block, Gran’s creamy fudge, peanut brittle and Limar Nougat (not chocolate but tastes as good!)… sweet and affordable.

  • Lindt Excellence Milk Sea Salt Caramel 100gm
  • Darrell Lea Traditional Milk Chocolate Rocklea Road Block 180gm
  • Peanut Brittle
  • Darrell Lea Big Orange Chocolate
  • Gran’s Chocolate Fudge Bar 40gm (*different to image shown)


Peanut Brittle

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The Big Orange

Meet your match in Darrell Lea's Big Orange Milk Chocolate Orange Balls. Nothing but a smooth and creamy milk chocolate centre covered in a deliciously crunchy orange shell. With the best ingredients, you can always share the good stuff.


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Lindt Excellence - Milk Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate

Exceptionally smooth and creamy milk chocolate with notes of cream, vanilla and malty notes brought to another luxurious level with the textural delight of buttery crunchy caramel pieces. Balanced with a touch of the finest sea salt to create a wonderfully rounded complexity.

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Traditional Rocklea Road Block 180gm

Darrell Lea has been generously handcrafting the famous Rocklea Road since the 1950s and now have made it into a block version. With flavour bursting from the block, Rocklea Road is still a wholly unique chocolate after all this time.

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Gran's Fudge Bar - Chocolate (40gm)

A deliciously good and affordable addition to your gift hamper.

Smooth and creamy Gran's Chocolate Fudge Bar

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Gluten Free | Hand made in Australia

40gm bar

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Darrell Lea

Darrell Lea Everyone's Darrell Lea for 90 years... all things chocolate and sweet. A passion for what Darrell Lea do is what has brought so many delicious treats to families across Australia. Darrell Lea is passionate about having all of their products packed full of the good stuff. Darrel Lea believes that it shows through the quality and excellence of each product. Come and discover the good stuff.
Darell Lea


Grans Gran’s is Australia’s leading fudge manufacturer specialising in quality handcrafted confectionery; including the famous fudge, peanut brittle and coconut ice blended with the goodness of personally selected quality ingredients, a hint of nostalgia and lashings of flavour.


Lindt Since 1845, Lindt's Master Chocolatiers have followed their passion for chocolate all over the world, seeking out the finest-grade cocoa beans and combining them with carefully selected ingredients, in a perfect harmony of tastes. DISCOVER THE EXCELLENCE IN CHOCOLATE