Bush Food Hamper

If you are looking for a unique gift featuring lots of native Australian bush foods, look no further.  The gourmet in your life will love this hamper packed with bushfood herbs and spices like Cinnamon Myrtle, Pepperberries, Finger Lime, Rosella and more.

BBQ with the fiery outback rub, serve up the ultimate snack with Rosella & Blueberry finishing vinegar, the tasty LLB macadamia oil and dukkah, enjoy a delicious Chai Latte and enhance your cooking with the included bush food spice blends.

This hamper is the perfect pantry pleaser for the gourmet looking for something a little different.

  • Bilpin Spice Blend with Pepperberries 30gm
  • Oak Road Lemon, Lime & Blood Orange Macadamia Oil with Wild Lime 250ml
  • Oak Road Blueberry Rosella Finishing Vinegar 100ml
  • Oak Road Firey Outback Rub with Salt Bush 30gm
  • Oak Road Macadamia Dukkah 100gm
  • Oak Road Turmeric Chai Latte with Native Pepperberries 145gm
  • Oak Road Bush Spiced Chai Latte with Cinnamon Myrtle 145gm
  • Oak Road Bush Spiced Chai Blend with Cinnamon Myrtle 30gm
  • FREE EXTRA Oak Road Bush Spiced Chai Blend with Cinnamon Myrtle 30gm


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Chai Latte -Tumeric & Native Pepperberries

Boost your health with this tasty Golden Chai Latte packed with top quality Tumeric and Native pepperberries, a perfect warming drink for that extra healthy start to the day, serve it by itself or with your favourite milk

In stock

Chai Latte -Bush Spiced with Cinnamon Myrtle

Winter Warmer!!


Try a Chai Latte with an Aussie twist from the tasty Cinnamon Myrtle Bush Spice.  This Chai with warming Australian Bush Spices makes a perfect warming drink  to start to the day.  Serve it by itself or with your favourite milk.


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Bush Spiced Chai Blend with Cinnamon Myrtle × 2


This delicious mix is wonderful when used in baking cakes and muffins.  Try adding it to your scone mix to add the lovely taste of chai flavours.


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Bilpin Spice Blend with Pepperberries

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Lemon, Lime & Blood Orange Macadamia Oil with Wild Lime

Once you try this Macadamia Oil we guarantee it will become an absolute favourite. This Oak Road Macadamia Oil has a light fruity taste infused with subtle Lemon, Lime & Blood Orange Citrus notes and wild lime.

Amazing drizzled on cakes and muffins, or try massaging it into a chicken for rotisserie.

A perfect match with the Davidsons Plum Vinegar and macadamia Dukkah

Gold Medal Winner at Hobart Fine Foods, Bronze at the Sydney Fine Foods

250 ml

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Blueberry & Rosella Fruity Finishing Vinegar

Gold Medal at the Hobart Fine Food awards, this Fruity caramelised Finishing vinegar made with blueberries and a delicate hint of rosella makes a fantastic glaze for meats or game, beautiful for dukkah dips with macadamia oil, or alongside a cheeseboard.  For a sweet treat try drizzling the blueberry vinegar on your icecream or adding it to a fruit salad for a nice fruity hit100 ml

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Fiery Outback Rub with Saltbush

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Macadamia Dukkah with a Hint of Chilli

This super tasty Dukkah uses fresh Australian Macadamia Nuts and a special spice blend with just a hint of Chilli.

Makes an amazing crust on salmon, steaks or even in a burger pattie.

We like to use it with the Davidson's Plum Vinegar and Lemon Lime and Blood Orange Macadamia Oil, a sublime dukkah and dip.

Gold Medal winner at the Hobart Fine Foods Show

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Oak Road

Oak Road Providore Bushfoods Oak Road creates some delicious bush foods inspired gourmet products including the awarding Macadamia Cranberry Lemon Myrtle Muesli, starting the day never tasted better. They also have premium products such as Oak Road's lemon myrtle and wild lime muffin mix, superfood Tumeric and Pepperberry Chai plus some tasty gourmet vinegars, perfectly paired with the macadamia Dukkah. Oak Road is your go-to for a unique gift with a real Aussie taste.
Oak Road Providore Bushfoods