Boutique Sauces – finish your dishes with a chef’s touch

Making it easy for everyone to create gourmet meals at home with restaurant-quality flavours!  These chef-inspired, high quality finishing sauces are high-class, made from exclusive recipes and have the sophisticated taste of fine-dining

Previously, Regan (one of the founders) spent years as a chef in Europe, and it was while working in some of the finest restaurants and serving meals to celebrities and other high-society customers, she decided to bring the quality and flavours she was creating to her home here in Australia.

What separates a chef-made dish from a home-made? The flavour!

A chef spends hours simmering, testing and tasting to create a meal worthy of rave reviews – but that’s a luxury the average working-person doesn’t have.

Boutique Sauces does it for you!

Whether you are entertaining or whipping up a quick, everyday meal, you can simply heat, pour and serve to achieve 5-star flavours in every dish.

The range of Boutique sauces are made from the highest-quality ingredients right here in Australia. Each flavour is totally natural with NO artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, NO GM ingredients and they are also completely gluten-free.

Every bottle is a labour of love and we hope you’ll love tasting them as much as we love using them ourselves here at Hunter Valley Hampers!

Bring a touch of class to every meal – add your favourite Boutique Sauce!