Black Olive Fusilli

Ogilvie & Co Pasta Range is focused on offering you a premium quality product, traditionally made with attention to detail. Certified organic and made with no chemicals or preservatives, our artisan range will help you create restaurant-quality dishes at home within minutes. The spiraled shape of fusilli lends itself well to robust, full flavours.


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The Organic Black Olive Fusilli by Ogilvie & Co elevates your pasta dishes with its unique combination of flavor and texture. Made with 100% Australian organic durum wheat and purified water, this fusilli boasts superior quality. The pasta is extruded through bronze dies, creating a rough, rustic surface that perfectly traps your chosen sauce. Finished with a slow air-drying process, Ogilvie & Co.’s Black Olive Fusilli delivers a delightful al dente bite and a depth of flavor that complements any sauce you pair it with.

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