Best Ever Beer Hamper

$115.00 inc. GST

BOOM!  For a touch of inventive inspiration and to show you really do give a two or even three hoots, let us deliver a few of these beer hampers for your mates.
Oh, and don’t feel constrained by the image of the Crownies – we dmaek each hamper by hand so just let us know when you order and we can accommodate your request – although you might like our suggestion of Murrays’ Craft Beers.

Hamper Inclusions

6 Crown Lager Beers, or 4 Murrays Craft Beers,
Baccos Twiggy Sticks Crispbread
Olive Tapenade
Nougat Limar with Pistachio Nuts
Ducks Nut Macadamias
Ernest Hillier Milk & Drak Chocolate Assortment
Macadamia Fudge

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