Ananas Gin Bauble 50ml

The perfect gift for a Gin lover, they can decorate their tree with something special for Christmas morning.
These hand blown glass baubles are each filled with 50ml of Animus’ delicious, award winning gin.

44.8% ABV. The advent of a full-time distillery team triggered an explosion of ideas and experimentation and has now spawned a new label: Animus Test Pressing. After months of blood, sweat and Gin at the distillery, we’re now able to offer Animus’ first Test Pressing: Ananas Gin.

Although pineapple is notoriously hard to capture as a distillate, undeterred, Sarah and Luke played with a recipe to the point where almost three-quarters of the entire botanical load was dedicated to pineapple. Fresh ginger, turmeric and galangal introduce a spicy counterpoint to the sweet, fresh acidity of the pineapple. For complexity there’s lemongrass, lemon verbena and kaffir lime–all picked and prepared on the day of production–and ground sesame seeds to enhance the Gin’s oily, textural mouthfeel. Finally, to ramp up the total pineapple experience, the flesh and rinds of fresh pineapples were infused in a single 400-litre vat of the Gin for eight months, until there was the perfect balance between distillate and fruit infusion.

Crystal clear and bottled without any additions, it is a restrained, tightly balanced Gin that moves from sweet to spicy to floral and back again: it’s perfect neat, pairs brilliantly with tonic and works a treat in cocktails.


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Animus Distillery

Animus Distillery was founded in 2015, by four friends with a shared passion for producing world-class spirits. Initially starting with round-the-clock research and development in Fitzroy North garage quickly outgrew the space and expanded to a larger rural property, before establishing a distillery in Kyneton, Central Victoria. Capturing the soul of the freshest ingredients for a gin is central to the production philosophy.